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Shawn Murphy, and Vance Powell at Blackbird comment on the A440 below

AEA A440 Active Big Ribbon™ Studio Microphone

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With the release of the A440, AEA has synthesized more than 30 years of experience with high performance microphones. The A440 is the quietest ribbon microphone ever produced. The A440 combines all the warmth and beauty of the classic 44, both sonically and visually, but with a signal so hot you'll have to try it to believe it. Like the rest of AEA's Big Ribbon Mics™, it needs little EQ, takes it nicely when you want it, and is free of resonances in audible range. The A440 is unlike any other product on the market today and no professional studio should be without one.

Like its cousin, the R44CX, The A440 is based on the RCA 44BX, but is phantom powered and uses a Lundahl transformer. It uses the same RCA NOS ribbon element, only 1.8 microns thick, which is from material originally manufactured for RCA. It also features the museum quality shell with a durable bronze investment cast yoke. An umber paint with red medallion transformer case and bright nickel finishes with polished brass accents is standard. The microphone package includes a three meter cloth covered Accusound Silver Triplex cable, a zippered canvas bag, and AEA 44VC case for proper shipping and storage.

The A440, like the rest of AEA's maufactured product lines, is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.


User Reviews

"The A440 is a stand out beauty"
     – Rolff Zweip, Blackbird Audio Rentals, Nashville, TN

"The A440 is a product that works–I use it on everything!"
     – Paul Antonell, Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, NY

     – Shawn Murphy, Audio Engineer for film scoring, Los Angeles, CA

"Without Boundaries!"
     – Jeff Peters, Audio Engineer for the Beach Boys, Los Angeles, CA

"Fantastic! Clean and quiet, just awesome–and I've listened to a lot of ribbons!"
     – Vance Powell, Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN

"The A440 just has so much depth...blistering hot output with no real noise to speak of. Good stuff!"
     – Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio, Columbia, SC

Magazine Reviews

AEA A440/RPQ Review
Apr 2010, Resolution, by Jon Thornton
"What you are paying for in the A440 is that 'magic' sound - and a degree of authenticity that's as close as is possible to the original 44 - in a package that delivers the goods in a more modern recording chain. And with the RPQ ribbon pre P48 you get a preamplifier that will do it - and for that matter, any other ribbon microphone - the utmost justice."
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AEA A440 Review
Jun 2009, Sound On Sound, by Hugh Robjohns
"There are now several active ribbon microphones on the market, but rather fewer that give the A440 serious competition. The obvious contenders are SE Electronics' Rupert Neve-designed RNR1, reviewed last month, and the Royer R122, but although these are both great mics in their own right, the A440 is significantly quieter, putting it in a class of its own when it comes to distant-miking applications...Once you've heard this mic, you'll always aspire to own it."
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AEA A440/RPQ Review
Jul 2008, Mix Magazine, by Kevin Becka
"It didn't take much effort to fall in love with the AEA A440...The A440 is pricey, but well worth it if you're looking for a unique-sounding niche microphone that can reliably take on more than 130 dB of SPL and deliver plenty of bottom end."
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Other Options & Accessories

M Option
Hand tuning to stereo match a pair of new mics – $100.00
Specify when mics are ordered.

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Large VC Vertical Case – $165.00
Vertical Mic Storage Case
Take care of your vintage RCA 44, AEA 44-Series, or KU4 microphones by transporting and storing them in these vertical storage cases. Canvas exterior, padded interior.

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AEA-AD1 – $26.00
Extra 5/8"-27 female to 1/2" male pipe thread (RCA style) adaptor
Bright nickel finish