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AEA R92 Big Ribbon™ Studio Microphones

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AEA R92 Studio Ribbon Microphone

In the past few years AEA's acclaimed R84 Ribbon Microphone has become a new studio standard. Now AEA has once again expanded the sonic possibilities of ribbon mics with the R92 Ribbon Microphone. Reduced proximity bass boost and excellent wind blast protection make it suitable for close micing (6-12 inches) of guitar amps, vocals, percussion, etc. In addition, the smooth high frequency response of the R88 transducer has been further extended in the R92, making the R92 a unique voice in the world of ribbon mics.

R92 Pickup Pattern
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AEA has designed the R92 to have slightly different tones on the front and rear pickup lobes of the microphone. The front lobe of the R92 is the "crisp" side, offering exceptionally clean and realistic high end detail. The rear lobe is the "smooth" side, which has a bit of classic ribbon high end rolloff that can help to handle harsh transients in a very refined and flattering way. Just like its brothers in AEA's Big Ribbon™ microphone series, the bass reproduction of the R92 is very solid and extended to the lowest audible bass frequencies.

The R92 is designed with an integral elastic shock mount, featuring a unique mounting system that allows excellent flexibility of mic positioning. The mic ships with a two meter cable and a durable plastic carrying case.

Listening Room

Credit: features clips of the R92 on a series of guitars and vocals, located in their "Jam Room Sessions." Select "microphones in the first column, then select AEA as manufacturer, and then AEA R92 under model, and then choose from the list of source clips.

Response Curves

AEA R92 Response Curve
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SMT-2 – $185.00

Stereo Microphone Template Bar
Allows ORTF (90-degree side-by-side mounting) and other near-coincident spacings and angles.
For use with Coles 4038 ribbon mics, see the SMT-1.

2 TA-2 adapters (F 3/8-16 to M 5/8-27)
2 Locking rings
2 3/8-16 socket cap screws
1 TA-3 adapter (F 5/8-27 to M 3/8-16)
Tutorial "Stereo Microphone Perspectives"
(Coles microphones not included.)


View the R92 Manual

Magazine Reviews

"AEA R92 Review"
July 2008, Guitar Player Magazine, by Michael Molenda
"The R92 recorded an organic balance of room ambience and amp roar. The basic flavor was a fairly accurate reproduction of what your ears hear in the room, but with a fantastic airiness and spatial dimension."

"On Test Microphone: AEA R92 & TRP Studio Ribbon Microphone and Preamp"
April 2007, Sound on Sound, by Hugh Robjohns
"This classy ribbon mic doesn't just look great - AEA's thoughtful design means that it also offers great results...If you are considering investing in the smooth natural character of a ribbon mic, this is certainly one worth auditioning first-hand. I've fallen in love with it!"
www.soundonsound.comRequires subscription

"AEA R92"
November 2006, Tape Op Magazine, by Mike Caffrey
We tried a few different combinations of mics and preamps, and regardless of mic preamp, Justin consistently chose the R92 out of the mics we compared. Our final choice ended up being the R92 into a Pendulum Quartet II."
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"AEA R92 Ribbon Microphone"
September 2006, Pro Audio Review, by Russ Long
"The AEA R92 is a wonderful microphone ... If anyone ever told me that a ribbon could capture high requencies the way the R92 captures high frequencies, I would have called them a liar ... Its top end is wonderfully pristine. You truly have to hear it to believe it."
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"Micrófono de listón R92 de AEA"
May 1, 2006, Músico Pro, by Scott Dorsey
www.musicopro.comRequires subscription

"Ribbon Revival"
November 2005, Electronic Musician, by Miles Boisen
"Among the other premium mics, I was most excited about the AEA R92.The sweet highs of this pill-shaped transducer make it an ideal candidate for applications that have always challenged ribbon mics — namely acoustic guitar, percussion and modern pop vocals."
Read article

"AEA R92 Ribbon Mic"
September 2005, EQ, by Monte Vallier
To sum it all up, this microphone exceeded all expectations that I had. The versatility, the design, the excellent wind-blast protection, the reduced proximity bass boost, the clean, the even frequency response, great high end, and very affordable price make this a must have for anyone looking for a real ribbon to add variety to their sound or to replace some finicky vintage mics.
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"Field Test: AEA R92 Ribbon Microphone"
Aug 01, 2005, Mix, By Kevin Becka
It rounds off transients in true ribbon fashion, adding a naturally compressed sound that flatters even the most strident source. This tendency and its tailored frequency response make the R92 a hands-down winner at close quarters. You don't need to be afraid to get this mic in a singer's face or right up on a speaker. The R92 – like its forefathers carrying the same engine, the R84 and R88 – is unequaled in its price range. I almost felt guilty...
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"Tools of the Trade"
Jan 01, 2005, Mix
The R92 from AEA is a mic that shares the same 2-inch ribbon as the company's popular – and more expensive – R84, but has decreased proximity effect to avoid the LF build-up that can occur when ribbon mics are placed close to loud guitar cabinets.
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"The Phil O'Keefe Report: Transducers-R-Us!!!"
January 2005, EQ, By Phil O'Keefe
A couple of other mics impressed me, like the AEA R92 ribbon mic ($900) from Wes Dooley, which is similar to the R84 but designed for less proximity effect and use at closer distances (
Read article

"Lynn Fuston Makes The Money Picks"
January 2005, EQ, by Lynn Fuston
The bottom end on the R84 is exaggerated up close, but on the 92, it's very smooth even when working as close as 2". The R92's top end was astounding, almost sounding like a condenser compared to the R84.
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Professional User Reviews

"I hate you guys! Now I have to buy them. I used the R92 on Al's Di Meola's guitar amp, and the 84's about a foot away, Fantastic!!! Al loved the sound. I used the R88 on the drum overheads, sweet!!!!"
     – Paul Antonell, Clubhouse Studio, Owner

"There's NO WAY I can part with this R92!!!!"
     – Jonathan Burnside, Producer/Scoring mixer, Australia

"I was so pleased to get a chance to use the line of AEA ribbons on a project I recently did. They have that characteristically smooth, warm ribbon sound, I used the R84's on everything from close-miked, extremely loud guitar amps, horn sections and bagpipes to smooth room ambience for drums. I was particularly happy with the stereo ribbon model R88. They are a "must have" for all my sessions!"
     – Neil Dorfsman, Producer/Engineer, Scotland

User Shout-outs

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"I am blown away by the smoothness and warmth of the R92, and how it retains the necessary high end detail."
     – Eric Rhodes

"The mic has exceeded my expectations."
     – Jeffrey Lonigro

"Such musical smoothness"
     – Sean Fullerton


  • Sensitivity: >-55dBV/Pa
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-18kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Output Impedance: 270 ohms
  • SPL Handling: >135dB SPL peak


  • Captive 2 meter cable to A3M connector
  • Integral swiveling shockmount for flexible positioning
  • Designed for close micing situations
  • 2.5" diameter and 7" tall and two pounds
  • Polished anodized finish
  • Sturdy plastic case