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Life of Pi score
Copyright Fox Studios
Oscar-winning score for Life of Pi recorded with AEA R88

The Oscar winning score of Life of Pi was captured for audiences using AEA’s R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone. LA-based engineer Brad Haehnel recorded and mixed the soundtrack for the movie, which recently garnered four Academy Awards including Best Original Score for Mychael Danna. The AEA R88 faithfully reproduced the sound of the horn section while vintage RCA 44 ribbon microphones were used as spot mics during the sessions at the Fox scoring stage. Haehnel adds: “I use the AEA R88 on basically every session and no matter the application it never fails to deliver.

Click here to download the press release.

Colt Ford with R92s
Tony Galyon, Colt Ford, and Michael Zuehsow
AEA R92s on tour with Colt Ford

A pair of AEA R92 ribbon microphones is currently being pressed into service for the electric guitar sound with country music rapper Colt Ford on Eric Church's sold-out Blood, Sweet, and Beers Canada tour. FOH engineer Michael Zuehsow reports: "Every dynamic and condenser mic we've used, I've been spending quite a bit of soundcheck time trying to accurately reproduce what the guitar speakers are putting out. Now it is effortless and musical."

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Fix It In The Mic - Bil VornDick and Lynn Fuston
Industry veterans Lynn Fuston and Bil VornDick
AEA Fix It In The Mic featuring Bil VornDick and Lynn Fuston

The latest episode of AEA Fix It In The Mic is here! This time we present you a meeting of the minds with two industry veterans: Bil VornDick and Lynn Fuston. In the impressive control room of Studio A at Ocean Way Studios showcasing the world's largest discrete Neve 8078 console, the two engineers share some of their vast knowledge of recording and mixing music!

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Shaking Through with Night Panther
Night Panther recording for Shaking Through
Night Panther record with AEA mics for Shaking Through series

As part of the Shaking Through documentary series, the Pennsylvania based band Night Panther recently recorded their infectious song 'Fire' with a large number of AEA microphones and preamps. Several videos, raw tracks to download, and track sheets at document the recording process and allow hearing AEA products in action. The full range of AEA ribbon microphones were used on the session in addition to TRP preamps.

To watch the session video click here.
Click here to learn about choosing the right preamp for recording strings.
To learn more about this episode of Shaking Through follow this link.

RPQ500 is a PAR Excellence Award Nominee RPQ500 wins PAR Excellence Award 2012

The RPQ500 module has won the 2012 PAR Excellence Award in the Studio Hardware/Microphone Preamplifiers product category. The reader-voted award is presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review (PAR) magazine. Senior Contributor Russ Long comments, "This 500 Series-compatible mic pre is the perfect compliment to any ribbon mic, and its smooth natural shelving EQ sounds gorgeous."

AEA would like to thank all voters and readers of PAR, as well as the editorial team, for the support.

Click here for a list of all the 2012 winners.

A440 at Sphere
A440 mic at Sphere Studios
AEA A440s top the list of mics at Sphere Studios, London

The Irish alternative rock band The Script recorded their recently released third album (#3) with engineer Dan Frampton at Sphere Studios in London, making use of the studios’ extensive microphone locker including a pair of A440 flagship ribbon mics. According to Frampton, the A440s were used as drum room microphones and to record drum loops. A making-of video on YouTube with band interviews and session footage gives insight into the recording process and shows the AEA ribbon microphones in use. Aside from high-profile artists such as Simple Minds, New Model Army, Gavin Bryars, and Mick Hucknall, Sphere Studios also had the pleasure to welcome the team scoring the soundtrack to Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie.

Learn all about AEA Ribbon Mics & Preamps at the Music Production Show in London, Nov 23 & 24, where AEA will be represented by Terry Finn of Affinity Audio.

Click here to see the YouTube video of the The Script sessions.
Click here to download the press release.

Gustavo Borner
Gustavo Borner with his R44CX at Igloo Music
Fix It In The Mic - Episode 5

Producer, engineer, and mixer Gustavo Borner has been nominated for over 25 Grammy Awards, and has won two Grammys and nine Latin Grammys. Most recently, the native Argentine and Berklee graduate has been responsible for several MTV Unplugged productions that have consistently won Latin Grammy Awards in the last few years. The latest MTV Unplugged production in May 2012 featuring the Colombian superstar Juanes has sold 500,000 units to date and is nominated for five Latin Grammys this year.

AEA Big Ribbon mics and preamps have become a key component in Gustavo’s recording setup, particularly for horns and drums. AEA engineer Julian David recently had the chance to talk to Gustavo about his recording and mixing philosphies, and his approach to creating the sound of the award-winning
MTV Latin Unplugged productions at Gustavo's studio complex Igloo Music in Burbank, CA.

Click here to read the full interview.
Click here to download the interview.
Follow this link to see the official press release.

AEA RPQ500 VPR Alliance
AEA A440, Altec 639, and RCA 74B microphones
Fix It In The Mic - Episode 4

Grammy-winning producer/engineer Bil VornDick selected AEA KU4 and A440 ribbon microphones to capture the unique tones of rare acoustic guitars for the new Martin Guitar Retro Series. AEA is proud to have made a major contribution to the development of this exciting new guitar series. This is definitely a very special way to Fix It In The Mic and incorporating the sound of classic microphones right within a guitar.

Click here to view the Fix It In the Mic blog in a new browser window.
Click here to watch a video introducing the guitar series on YouTube.
Click here to see the official press release.

AES Indiana Workshop 2013 Jazz recording class at AES Indiana Student Workshop, Feb 16

The Central Indiana Section of the Audio Engineering Society is hosting the Second Annual Central Indiana Audio Student Workshop – February 16, 2013 on the campus of Indiana University – Bloomington in the Recording Arts Department studios. AEA's application support engineer Travis Atkinson invites all students to a comprehensive workshop about tracking 5-piece jazz ensemble at Echo Park Studios.

Click here for more information and event registration.

AEA RPQ500 VPR Alliance
AEA RPQ500 Nominated for TEC Award

AEA is proud to announce that the RPQ500 preamp module has been nominated for outstanding technical achievement in the Microphone Preamplifier Technolgy category of the 28th Annual TEC Awards. The winners of the 28th Annual TEC Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held Friday evening, January 25, at the Anaheim Hilton as a special highlight of the NAMM Show, the leading international music products trade show.

Click here for the full list of TEC Awards Nominees.
Click here to see the official press release.

Ronan Chris Murphy
Ronan Chris Murphy and AEA's Julian David
Fix It In The Mic - Episode 3

For the third episode of the Fix It In The Mic webzine, AEA product engineer Julian David had the pleasure to interview the renowned producer/engineer Ronan Chris Murphy at his own Veneto West studio in Santa Monica, CA.

In the interview Ronan talks about his recording philosophy, microphone techniques, and the importance of choosing the right microphone for the application. Learn about his tricks and secrets, high quality front-end vs. mix plugins, as well as the advantages of ribbon microphones to capture the sound you want rather than fixing it in the mix. The video gives insight into the recording process for a recent album that Ronan produced with the singer-songwriter Dave Nachmanoff. Ronan extensively used the AEA KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon Microphone on almost all the acoustic guitars and was very pleased by the fact that the guitars would fit into the mix with only minimal processing.

Click here to view the Fix It In the Mic blog in a new browser window.
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Fix It In The Mic
AEA's Fix It In The Mic Webzine
Fix It In The Mic - Episode 2

The second episode of AEA's Fix It In The Mic webzine focuses on electric guitar recording with the R92 ribbon microphone. AEA engineer Julian David produced and recorded the German band aVid* at their own studio Schau & Horch, and the band has been so kind to provide a couple of guitar tracks of this session. Guitarist Stephan Marten played a Telecaster guitar through a vintage Fender Twin Reverb amp, which was recorded with both an AEA R92 ribbon microphone and a Shure SM57.

The educational video explains the recording setup, why it is important to pay attention to preamp impedance, and gives positioning advice when using multiple mics on a guitar amp.

Click here to view the Fix It In the Mic blog in a new browser window.
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.
Click here to open the AEA Listening Room to access the sound sample content of the aVid* Electric Guitar Session. You will also find it in the navigation column on the left hand side of the main page.

RPQ Ribbon Pre, RPQ500 Module, and the TRP
AEA Ribbon Preamps
AEA RPQ and RPQ500 Preamps Reviewed in Mix and Resolution

In May and June new reviews have come out praising both the RPQ and the RPQ500 module. In Mix, Kevin Becka writes, "[The RPQ] is a joy to use...if you're using a higher-end mic in a great room, the preamp gets out of the way, giving you all that your front end offers." In Resolution, John Thornton says, "This module impresses in its ability to wring some astonishing performances out of microphones. Don't think of it as just a 'ribbon-pre' though, it works very well on capacitor microphones too, and on more lowly dynamic microphones."

Purchase the May/June issue of Resolution

KU4 AEA KU4 Reviewed in the April issue of Resolution

Where the KU4 really comes into its own is in those situations where spill is an issue. I was forutnate to be able to trial the KU4 in an as-live session incorporating drums, bass, guitar and a small brass section. While acoustic screens provided a degree of control, a fig-8 ribbon for the brass would never have been an optimal solution - however much I like the sound. The KU4 here really delivered the goods. A combination of relative source level, the hypercardioid pick-up, the microphone's SPL handling and overall sound all seemed to click into place. I've employed EVRE-2 in similar situations in the past but they just can't match the KU4 for wonderful mid-range smoothness that flatters even the harshest sounding players.

Purchase the April issue of Resolution

Resolution Magazine AEA KU4 nominated for Resolution Awards 2012

The AEA KU4 Unidirectional Microphone has been nominated in the Microphone category of the 2012 Resolution Magazine Awards. Winners of the award achieve the accolade of inclusion in the Resolution Awards Winners Supplement scheduled for the October issue of the magazine. Only registered readers are eligible to vote for this prestigious award that is
judged by the best-informed readership in the industry.

Click here to view all the nominees for the awards and to cast your vote.

AEA RPQ500 VPR Alliance
AEA RPQ500 Approved by VPR Alliance

AEA is pleased to announce that the RPQ500 preamp module has now been officially approved by API Audio’s VPR Alliance. The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines for approved manufacturers wishing to design products for API’s 500-series rack format. The program provides complete design specifications for manufacturers interested in producing third-party modules that physically fit and electronically conform to API’s rack specifications. These measures ensure compatibility of the RPQ500 module with any other VPR Alliance approved modules or racks that customers wish to use.

Click here to find out more about the API VPR Alliance.
Click here to see the official press release.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Choir for Neil Young's Americana recorded with AEA A440s

Neil Young & Crazy Horse are releasing their album "Americana" on June 5th, 2012. It is their first full-length record in nine years. The choir for the album was recorded with AEA A440 phantom-powered ribbon microphones at EastWest Studio 2. Engineered and co-produced with Neil Young by John Hanlon, and assisted by Jeremy Miller.

Click here to order and download the album on iTunes.

AEA A440 on the ABC's Dancing With The Stars AEA A440 Microphones featured on Dancing With The Stars

AEA's A440 phantom powered ribbon microphones appeared on the April 10, 2012 episode of Dancing With The Stars on the ABC Network. DWTS is currently in the middle of it's fourteenth season and remains among the most highly rated television shows.

A pair of A440s were used by the popular tango fusion group Gotan Project as they performed their hit, "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" during the band's US network television debut. Meanwhile, Karina Smirnoff and Jose Manuel Carreno danced a "sexy balletic Argentine tango" according to the Wall Street Journal's "Speakeasy" blog, in one of the show's spotlight performances.

Watch a video clip of the performance here on Youtube.

AEA A440 on the ABC's Dancing With The Stars
Photo: Sound On Sound
AEA KU4 leaves reviewers "speechless"

The first half of 2012 has brought us several KU4 reviews in major trade publications, such as Sound On Sound, Mix Magazine, and Pro Sound News Europe. SOS's Hugh Robjohns says that "it's hard to think of an application that wouldn't benefit from a KU4!" in the January issue of the magazine. In his February review, Kevin Becka of Mix Mag felt that "the only negative experience [he] had with the KU4 was boxing it up to send back to Wes.", while Russ Hepworth-Sawyer of Pro Sound News was left "speechless" after testing the KU4.

Click here for Hugh Robjohn's review in the January 2012 issue of Sound On Sound Magazine.
Click here for Russ Hepworth-Sawyer's review in the January 2012 issue of Pro Sound News Europe.
Click here for Kevin Becka's review in the February 2012 issue of Mix Magazine.

KU4 is Mix Certified Hit 2012
KU4 Microphone is Mix Certified Hit

Mix Magazine selected the KU4 Unidirectional Microphone to be a Mix Certified Hit at the NAMM Show 2012. It will be included in the NAMM follow-up article that is appearing in the March issue of Mix. A review of the KU4 microphone by Kevin Becka was published in the February 2012 edition of the magazine.

Click here for more information on the AEA KU4 Unidirectional Microphone.

Click here for Mix Magazine's NAMM 2012 report.

Latin Grammy Ceremony
Photo: Victoria Schiafino
Gustavo Borner wins Latin Grammy with AEA mics

Congratulations to producer/engineer Gustavo Borner for picking up three Latin Grammys in 2011. Los Tigres Del Norte, produced by Gustavo, won the "Best Norteño Album" category with their MTV Unplugged production. The album features AEA KU4 microphones on lead vocals, as well as R84s on horns and R92s on accordions.

Gustavo was also responsible for the broadcast sound of the Latin Grammy "Person of the Year" award ceremony for Shakira a day before the main event and used R84s for the horn section on stage.

Click here for more information on the Latin Recording Academy.
Click here to watch the highlights of the "Person of the Year" event with Shakira.

Snowmine's "Shaking Through" Features AEA Big Ribbon™ Mics on Snowmine's "Curfews"

AEA provided a variety of microphones for today's episode of "Shaking Through" featuring Snowmine's new single, "Curfews." Featured microphones in the episode include the new KU4 unidirectional microphone and the classic R44.

"In doing sessions for chamber music, I've traditionally insisted on going to places that have really top level ribbon mics," said Grayson Sanders, Snowmine lead vocalist and songwriter. "As far as the band is concerned, we've never had the opportunity to go to a studio that has those [AEA ribbon mics] as part of their collection. To have those available as we did yesterday—the difference in the sound quality was incredible. It's amazing."

Read the press release
Watch the episode of Shaking Through featuring Snowmine and download the song "Curfews"
Watch the video "Recording Snowmine" documenting the making of the song "Curfews."
Watch the video featuring the acoustic version of "Curfews."
Official Snowmine website
Weathervane Music

RPQ500 Side View AEA releases RPQ500 preamp for API 500 series

The new RPQ500 module is based on the successful design of the full-rack RPQ preamplifier and provides the same ultra-clean, high-gain signal path that has earned AEA preamps their great reputation. The RPQ500 has been enhanced with additional features, turning it into a workhorse tool for any API 500 compatible rack. The first 100 units of the RPQ500 preamp will ship by Christmas 2011 at a list price of $649.00. Fully-operational prototypes will be available for auditioning at the NY AES show this week. Visit AEA at Booth #738 at Jacob Javits Convention Center in NY, Oct 21-23.

Click here to read the onesheet about the new RPQ500.
Click here to find out more about the 131. AES Convention in New York City, Oct 21-23.

SOS Awards 2012 AEA KU4 and RPQ up for SOS Award 2012

The KU4 unidirectional microphone and the RPQ preamp have been nominated for the Sound On Sound Awards 2012. An SOS Award is an accolade bestowed by SOS magazine upon a music technology product chosen by its readers from a shortlist of products selected for their contribution to the music technology industry. SOS is giving away some amazing prizes for participating voters, so make sure you cast your vote before November 30th!

Listening Room Public Premiere of the Listening Room

Featured in the new AEA Listening Room is a recording session with the German band Any of Both. An acoustic version of the song "Watch You Sleep" was recorded almost exclusively with AEA ribbon microphones in May 2011 at Maarweg Studio 2 in Cologne, Germany. Additional tracks were cut with high quality condenser microphones in parallel, so that they can be compared with the ribbons. The session was engineered by German producer/engineer Wolfgang Stach. In addition to isolated tracks and and a fully mastered mix of the song, an HD video introduces the band and the studio, and documents how the microphones were used in the session.

Check out the new AEA Listening Room page.
Read the press release about new projects on AEA's Listening Room.
View the youtube video about the Any of Both session featured in the Listening Room.

Latin Grammys Los Tigres del Norte Nominated for Two Latin Grammy Awards

Congratulations to Los Tigres del Norte and producer/engineer Gustavo Borner! The album MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte & Friends has been nominated for two Latin Grammy awards: one for Record of the Year and another for Best Norteño Album. AEA supported the recording with a large number of ribbon mics, including two KU4 microphones for lead vocals.

Check out the complete list of nominees.

AES 131st Convention, New York City Register for Free Passes to the 131st AES Convention

AEA will be exhibiting at the 131st AES convention at the Javits Center in New York City October 21-23, 2011. The AES makes free VIP exhibits-only passes available through exhibitors. Advance registration deadline is September 30, 2011.

Register for free VIP passes.

AEA KU4 On Tour with Steely Dan
KU4 On Tour with Steely Dan
AEA KU4 On Tour with Steely Dan

The legendary Steely Dan are currently using an AEA KU4 microphone for saxophone solos at the front of the stage during their "Shuffle Diplomacy 2011" tour. R84 microphones are on duty for baritone and tenor sax in the horn section. According to monitor engineer Peter Thompson the KU4 "sounds delicious and has great rejection qualities as well."

Check out this video shot at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on July 8, 2011.

Leon Gieco with a KU4
León Gieco with a KU4
Gustavo Borner Records León Gieco With a KU4

Grammy-award-winning producer/engineer Gustavo Borner ( is producing the new record by Argentinian superstar León Gieco to be released on EMI/Capitol. On several tracks León's voice was recorded with an AEA KU4 microphone. According to Gustavo, the KU4 was perfect for capturing a soft and intimate tone. The drums played by Jim Keltner were tracked to tape at Eastwest Studio 1 using a pair of AEA A440 ribbon microphones through the Neve 8078 console and a Fairchild 670 compressor. The record also features Jimmy Johnson on bass, and Dean Parks and Mark Goldenberg on guitar.

Any of Both session with AEA mics
Any of Both session with AEA mics
AEA Storms Cologne

Producer/engineer Wolfgang Stach and AEA's product engineer, Julian David have collaborated on a recording project that features the German band "Any of Both". The recording highlights various AEA mics with special emphasis on the new KU4. The project was conceived so that musicians and engineers could experience the synergy of using AEA ribbon microphones and preamps in real-world applications. The recording will be available online soon.

Learn more about Maarwegstudio2.
Learn more about Any of Both

KU4 Microphone-Now Shipping
KU4-Now Shipping
Announcing the KU4 Microphone-Now Shipping

"AEA’s new KU4 supercardioid ribbon microphone is now available through AEA dealers worldwide. The KU4 is a modern interpretation of the KU3A unidirectional microphone (also known by its manufacturing number MI-10001) designed by RCA for the Hollywood movie industry in the late 1940s. The KU4 combines the smooth ribbon sound of a 44 with a unidirectional pattern, a wide sweet spot and reduced proximity bass boost..."

Read Press Release

Neil Dorfsman with A440 microphone
Neil Dorfsman with an A440
Grammy award winning producer Neil Dorfsman Chooses A440's

Grammy award winning producer/engineer Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Paul McCartney, Sting, and many more) recently used two AEA A440 active ribbon microphones at Clubhouse Studio in New York. "AEA mics will amaze you with their clarity and richness of sound," he said. "They have everything we all love about vintage mics, but with plenty of gain, low-noise, and the warmth and color that makes almost everything you record sound better."

Learn more about Neil Dorfsman
Learn more about Clubhouse Studio

MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte features KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon
A KU4 on stage at
MTV Unplugged
AEA KU4 Makes International Debut on MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte

Grammy award winning producer Gustavo Borner chose nine AEA mics for the broadcast of MTV Unplugged featuring Los Tigres del Norte. "Pop" elements were fusion-designed with Los Tigres' traditional Norteño style, including a brass section, string quartet, percussion and keyboards. AEA's presence was strong, featuring its KU4 unidirectional ribbon microphones on lead vocals, R92 microphones on accordion, R84 models on brass and an A840 microphone on tenor sax. Gustavo is a big fan of ribbon mics, explaining that "the brass instruments were miked with AEA R84's for a beautiful and warm sound" The program aired on May 22, 2011.

Read the Press Release

KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon
KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon
AEA Exhibits the KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon at NAMM 2011

AEA showed the KU4 unidirectional ribbon microphone at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The KU4 is AEA's modern interpretation of the original RCA KU3A, which many engineers consider to be the best ribbon microphone ever made. The increased rear rejection of the supercardioid pattern reduces the amount of room sound, which is often desired in modern production applications, particularly vocal recording. With a custom transformer, strong neodymium magnets and a low-tuned RCA new-old stock ribbon, the KU4 continues AEA's legacy for wide-bandwidth, top-quality ribbon microphones handmade in Pasadena, CA.

AEA's engineers are continuing to work hard to firm up a product release date for the KU4.

Read Press Release

Download specifications

KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon Wins 2010 PAR Excellence Award
2010 PAR Excellence Award
AEA KU4 Wins 2010 PAR Excellence Award

The editorial staff of Pro Audio Review is pleased to announce the 25 recipients of the 2010 PAR Excellence Award. This award is presented to professional audio companies that exhibited a particularly significant new product at the 129th AES Convention in November 2010.

See the PAR Excellence Award Winners

Watch Paul Antonell from Clubhouse Studios describe the KU4 for PAR from AES129.

R88 mk2
R88 mk2
Introducing the R88 mk2 - Now Shipping
AEA has redesigned the R88 from the ground up. We redesigned the shockmount, the cable connections, and the mounting system to give users a better recording experience. The result is the R88 mk2. Never before has it been easier to track in stereo with a matched pair of long ribbons in a perfect Blumlein configuration.

To find out more go to the R88 Page.

R84 Silver Limited Edition
AEA Announces the R84 Silver Limited Edition - Now Shipping
To commemorate 25 years of selling ribbon microphones, Audio Engineering Associates will unveil the R84 SLE (Silver Limited Edition) at the London AES. This mirror-chromed version of the top-selling R84 microphone is limited to a production run of only 125.

Resolution Awards 2010
Resolution Awards 2010
Vote for the 2010 Resolution Awards

AEA is proud to have a product nominated again in 2010. The A440 has been nominated in the Best Microphone category. For those who love the effortless, smooth sound of a classic vintage 44, but don't want to settle for something that isn't of the caliber of a modern powered mic, the A440 is the microphone you've been waiting for. In the seventy-plus year history of the 44 microphone, the A440 marks the first time a 44 has ever been commercially available in a powered version.

The Resolution Awards 2010 celebrate 'Quality and Innovation' in professional equipment. Only registered readers of Resolution magazine are eligible to vote. The Voting page can be accessed after logging in with your unique reader code and postcode (as displayed on your magazine wrapper) in the My Subscription section at

Readers have seven votes to cast in the eleven product categories and can vote only once. Voting will close at the beginning of October.

Voting is now underway at Resolution Magazine's website.

The A440 and the RPQ
The A440 and the RPQ
Resolution Reviews the A440 and the RPQ
"The results were probably the best I've ever heard in that space-a lovely blended sound of choir and reverb, with tons of depth and weight, plenty of detail in the articulation of words, but no splashiness or 'over-reaching' of the sound stage. What I wouldn't have given for a stereo pair."

Check out the review in the April issue of Resolution Magazine.

AEA A840
AEA A840
View larger image
AEA Introduces The AEA A840
"AEA introduced a new product at the AES 127th in New York: a powered version of the acclaimed R84 microphone. The A840 gives you the same award-winning sound, but with the hotter signal of an active microphone that yields a lot more versatility both in usage and choice of mic pre."

Find out about technical specifications.

Go to the A840 Active Studio Ribbon page.

Now Available. Contact your local dealer for more information about purchasing an A840.

Mix Magazine, Nov '09

Mix Magazine Reviews the RPQ
This is the smoothest EQ I've ever heard...The AEA RPQ is an all-around super mic preamp. It caters to the requirements of any ribbon mic with its high gain, low noise, gigantic dynamic range and excellent Curve Shaper section.

Read the article at Mix Magazine.

Sound On Sound, Nov '09
Sound On Sound, Nov '09

Sound On Sound Reviews the AEA RPQ
"If you're a fan of ribbon mics — and you have this kind of budget available — the RPQ is a must-buy product. I was astonished at how much better every ribbon I've ever reviewed sounded when it was connected to the TRP preamp as compared to other preamps (whether budget, professional or high-end boutique), and this RPQ version matches that all the way."

Article available for purchase at Sound On Sound.

TapeOp, Nov '09
TapeOp, Nov '09

TapeOp Reviews the AEA RPQ
"The RPQ had so much clean gain that I was easily able to drive a ProTools input into the red ... I moved through all the ribbons one by one, marveling at how quiet the preamp was."

Magazine (#73 Uk Edition) available for purchase at

The New RPQ Ribbon Pre with Curve Shaping
View larger image
Resolution Recognizes the RPQ!
Resolution Magazine has nominated the RPQ preamp for one of its 2009 awards. Cameron Craig, Peter Schmidt, Tony Faulkner, Ben Hillier,and Jerry Boys are just a few of the myriad experts who thought the RPQ belonged in a class of its own. Resolution subscribers are eligible to vote, so if you haven't had a chance to listen to this outstanding preamp, contact an AEA dealer, and vote with your ears. The AEA RPQ preamp features Curve Shaping and P48 power puts all the controls for ribbon mics at your fingertips. It has 80 dB of clean quiet JFET gain, P48 phantom power for active studio ribbons such as AEA's A440, and LF trim and HF boost contols that are tuneable and defeatable so that you can tame proximity problems and/or add a little more to the top.

Read more at Resolution Magazine 2009 nominations.

Two-mic system detects fetal heart rate anomalies, prenatal beat sampling
Two-mic system detects
fetal heart rate Reports a Two-mic System for Detecting Fetal Heart Rate Anomalies
"Patel Institute of Engineering and Technology's A.K. Mittra and associates have devised a clever and inexpensive early warning detection system for monitoring the fetal heart rate of that bun months-long in the oven," writes Ross Miller for "Two audio feeds are used to estimate and subtract the ambient room noise for a better read on the baby's vitals just before the woman goes to bed. Converted to a wav file, if anomalies are detected it's immediately compressed to MP3 and sent to the doctor for further testing. An efficient plan, to be sure, and we can only hope the baby is healthy and hyper-intelligent enough to give normal heartbeats and start recording his or her first LP."

Read the article at

AES 127th Convention - New York
AES 127th Convention
Register Online Now for Free VIP Passes to AES 127 in New York, October 9-12, 2009
AES has made registration for passes easy for clients and guests of AEA who wish to attend the 127th AES Convention in New York by creating an online VIP "Exhibits Only" registration. If you wish to attend the AES 127th in New York this October, start making your plans now by registering for free. Come see Wes Dooley, JB Hosen, and the rest of the AEA crew at booth #342 in the Javits Center October 9-12. Advance registration ends October 2.

Register online today at

Les Paul - in Memoriam - 1915-2009
In Memoriam - 1915-2009
View larger image
Les Paul - in Memoriam - 1915-2009
Les Paul, most famous for the invention of the electric guitar, died August 13, 2009 at the age of 94.

"Without Les Paul, we would not have rock and roll as we know it...He was truly an architect of rock and roll," wrote Terry Stewart, president and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in a statement released today.

Besides the electric guitar, Les Paul also pioneered multitrack recording, earned thirty-six gold records, won multiple grammy awards, was inducted into the Inventor's Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Bush in 2007.

RPQ Nominated for TEC Award - Voting Begins August 10th
View larger image
RPQ Nominated for TEC Award!
The RPQ Mic Pre with Curveshaper has been nominated for a TEC Award in the category of Microphone Preamplifier Technology. The RPQ features 2-channels of high-quality, high-gain preamps optimized specifically for ribbon mics. The JFET circuit provides precision and headroom for high-resolution recording without loading down your mics. Adjustable Curve Shaping tames proximity and enhances the smooth high-end that ribbons are famous for. Separate AC-coupled inputs with phantom power for condensers and active mics plus DC-coupled input for ribbons.

The list of nominees is published on the Mix Foundation website here.

Restration ends August 26th. Voting ends August 31st. Register and vote today with the Mix Foundation.

Wes congratulates Ken Kugler
Wes congratulates Ken Kugler
View larger image
Sizzling Summer Competition '09
Congratulations to Ken Kugler of Tarzana CA who was selected by random drawing as the winner of an AEA R84! Wes presented Ken Kugler with an R84 Studio Ribbon Microphone on August 11, 2009. Thanks to all those who entered to win an R84 (pictured) and $75 rebate certificate. Rebate winners have until September 30, 2009 to redeem their rebates (see rules for details).

View the competition and rebate rules.

New and Improved Website
New and Improved!

AEA Announces New and Improved Website
We've been working hard on our website and are proud to introduce a new ecommerce section to streamline our online customer experience. We've also implemented a new image viewer to improve the look and feel of the site. Feel free to browse and check it out!

Dolly Parton with her new R44C
Dolly with her new R44C

Dolly shows off her new R44C
What do you get for that person in your life who has everything-including her own theme park? To read this story and more, see AEA's facebook page.

Check out Dolly's picture on AEA's Facebook page.

Read about Brian Ahern's recording of Emmylou Harris' Grammy-winning single, "The Connection" using an AEA R44CNEX.

Steve Mac with his A440
Steve Mac with his A440
Steve Mac buys First Big Ribbon A440 in Europe from KMR

KMR Audio Ltd supplied Rokstone Studios, owned by producer Steve Mac who has achieved recent success with Il Divo and Leona Lewis. Steve Mac said, "I haven't recorded with any other mic since I started using the A440!"

Read the press release.

Presentation of PAR Excellence Award 2008
Presentation of PAR Excellence Award
for the AEA A440 Active Studio Ribbon
AEA A440 Active Studio Ribbon Wins 2008 PAR Excellence Award

AEA was presented with the PAR Excellence Award for the A440 Active Studio Ribbon Microphone at the 125th AES Convention in San Francisco. The A440 combines phantom power with the Big Ribbon™ sound for the first time. The A440 has its own personality, but visually and sonically shares a close kinship with the R44. With a sensitivity of –32.5 dBV per Pascal (94 dB SPL) and an equivalent noise level to 6 dB SPL(A), it has a dynamic range as wide as any microphone on the market.

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The New A440
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The New A440
The quietest ribbon microphone ever produced. Finally, a high performance phantom-powered Big Ribbon™

AEA is proud to announce the A440, the quietest ribbon microphone ever produced. The A440 owes this to its stunningly hot output created by its phantom-powered Big Ribbon™ A440 yielding a signal-to-noise ratio of 88dB (A), combined with all the warmth of a classic ribbon. Inspired by AEA’s forty years of experience with ribbon mics, particularly 44s, this mic has the greatest useable dynamic range of any ribbon microphone.

At the low frequency end the A440 delivers bass with effortless authority. It has a flat frequency response and holds an accurate figure-eight polar pattern down to 20 Hz. The A440 has a smooth and articulate midrange, and at the high end, transients are quick and detailed without hard edges.

Find out about technical specifications.

Go to the A440 Active Studio Ribbon page.

Now Available. Contact your local dealer for more information.

FW27 (collapsed)
AEA FW27 27' Flightweight Stand
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The AEA FW27 is a 27 foot tall mic stand that is an ideal tool for all your recording needs. It is the stand of choice for those working in concert halls, churches, sound stages, and other large acoustical environments. The FW27 collapses to just 5 feet for outstanding range and easy portability. It weighs only 9.5 pounds, making it the lightest tall stand available in the market.

Find out more.

AccuSound Cable Co.
AccuSound Cable Co.
AEA R84 becomes more American by using AccuSound Cables

AEA Ribbon microphones is teaming up with AccuSound Cable Company in their quest for an all U.S. made product. AEA has begun using Accusound quad cable for their popular R84 microphone. AccuSound is known for making a great sounding top quality American cable. AEA recently began using the AccuSound Silver Studio Pro Cable on the high-end AEA A440 and R44C microphones and has made the Silver HD cable an option on the R88 stereo microphone.

Turtle Island with AEA Mics
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2008 Grammy award winner recorded with AEA microphones and mic preamps
"A Love Supreme" with the Turtle Island String Quartet was the 2008 Grammy award winner for Best Classical Crossover Album. AEA ribbon microphones and preamps were extensively used on this recording made at the Skywalker Scoring stage.

Read the press release.

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Pete Townshend loves the R84!
Pete Townshend in EQ Magazine
Dateline August 1, 2007 – Pete Townshend's favorite microphone is the R84!
August 2007, EQ, By J.J. Blair
"Tracking Townshend"

Pete Townshend offers "the kind of perspective that can be gained only by years in the trenches writing, performing, and recording hundreds of songs...Townshend has stood at the epicenter of what is widely regarded by rock fans as one of the greatest, and most influential, acts of all time — The Who."

"My favorite the AEA R84...An emulation of an RCA ribbon mic is not going to sound like an RCA ribbon mic. Only Wes Dooley can come close today...Lately I’ve replaced the Neumann with the R84."

Even Blair himself confesses his appreciation, "I’m also a big fan of the R84, particularly on horns and on piano."

Plus, find out how Pete uses his R84's in the studio.

– Read the full article

TRP Nominated for 2007 TEC Award
The Ribbon Pre
AEA's TRP Nominated for 2007 MIX Foundation TEC Award
Once again, an AEA product has been nominated for the Mix Foundation's TEC Award. AEA reminds you that the balloting takes place in August and ballots will be found in the August issue of Mix Magazine.

This one-of-a-Kind preamp was designed specifically for use with ribbon mics, moving coil and tube mics, has 83db of clean gain and no dangerous phantom power. The TRP is an ultra fast, two channel, minimal-path JFET preamp. It's designed to have one of the lowest noise floors available. Eliminating phantom power allows for advantages in minimal path circuitry and the elimination of electronics that induce noise.

Find out more about AEA's TRP...

Find out more about the MIX Foundation's TEC Award...

The AEA R92
R92 Review and Audio Clips

"AEA R92 Microphone"
by Tony Sanfilippo, April 22, 2007,

"The sound was absolutely perfect ... I didn't touch the EQ or add any processing at all ..."
Read this review or other reviews of AEA products

Also, see the Jam Room Sessions to compare the same short jam sampled from a range of different microphones, including the R92, the R84 and the R44.
See the Jam Room at

The Ribbon Preamp wins PAR Excellence Award
The Ribbon Pre
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AEA TRP Reviewed in Mix and Pro Audio Review, April 2007

April 15, 2007, Pro Audio Review, by Dr. Fredrick J. Bashour
"[TRP] is destined to become a first choice preamp for engineers who use ribbon mics with quiet sources ... In other words, it's the first universal mic preamp for non-phantom powered mics! ... Since the Millennia Media preamp is such a standard around the world for classical recording, I'd consider that putting the TRP in the same category as the HV3C is giving it some pretty high-class company to keep."

April 1, 2007, Mix Magazine, by Joe Hannigan
"Several shoot-outs and tests against other preamps went about as expected: None had the flexibility for reliable, stable settings, nor had the kind of overall gain structure or repeatable results found in the TRP ... With such a smart blend of technology, it's difficult to tell where the beauty of the ribbon microphone experience ended and the preamp began, but the unit's lack of coloration and built-in features more than kept up with—and perhaps exceeded—the quality of the microphones I used."

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The AEA R92
AEA R92 & TRP Reviewed in Sound On Sound, April 2007
"The AEA TRP is an impressive preamp whichever way you look at it ... This classy ribbon mic doesn't just look great—AEA's thoughtful design means that it also offers great results ... If you are considering investing in the smooth natural character of a ribbon mic, this is certainly one worth auditioning first-hand. I've fallen in love with it!"

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The Ribbon Preamp wins PAR Excellence Award
The Ribbon Pre
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AEA TRP Reviewed in Electronic Musician, March 2007
"I thought I had sworn off buying new preamps, but the AEA TRP is clearly a must-have to supplement my mic closet. It is an excellent mid-priced, 2-channel preamp that works wonders without breaking the bank. A staggering 84dB of gain makes the TRP one of the most potent preamps and one of the few optimized for ribbon mics."

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La Mome
Biopic about Edith Piaf
Features AEA R44
AEA R44 Stars in Edith Piaf Biography
La Mome, a film biography about Edith Piaf premiered as the top grossing film in its opening weekend, February 14, in Paris. An AEA R44 is prominently featured with Marion Cotillard as Piaf. The film is expected to debut in English-speaking markets as La Vie en Rose.

The Ribbon Preamp wins PAR Excellence Award
The Ribbon Pre
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AEA's TRP Wins PAR Excellence Award
Pro Audio Review selected 38 products as recipients of the 2006 PAR Excellence Award, awarded at the 2006 AES in San Francisco.

This one-of-a-Kind preamp was designed specifically for use with ribbon mics, moving coil and tube mics, has 83db of clean gain and no dangerous phantom power. The TRP is an ultra fast, two channel, minimal-path JFET preamp. It's designed to have one of the lowest noise floors available. Eliminating phantom power allows for advantages in minimal path circuitry and the elimination of electronics that induce noise.

Find out more about AEA's TRP...

Find out more about the PAR Excellence Award...

AEA mics with Turtle Island
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TELARC International Chooses AEA Mics and Micpres
TELARC International recently recorded the Turtle Island String Quartet at Skywalker Scoring and used AEA ribbon microphones and preamps extensively.

Read the press release (767kb)

For more press releases, see the press release page.

The AEA R92
R92 Review
"AEA R92 Ribbon Microphone" in the Sept '06 issue of Pro Audio Review
by Russ Long, pgs 40-41.

"The AEA R92 is a wonderful microphone ... If anyone ever told me that a ribbon could capture high frequencies the way the R92 captures high frequencies, I would have called them a liar ... Its top end is wonderfully pristine. You truly have to hear it to believe it."

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AEA R92 Cover Shot
The AEA R92
R92 as EM November Cover Model
"Ribbon Revival" in the Nov '05 issue of Electronic Musican
by Miles Boisen, pgs 48-70.

Miles reviews 13 ribbon mics that deliver smooth natural sound. Includes the AEA R92, AEA R84 and the renowned Coles 4038. "Among the other premium mics, I was most excited about the AEA R92.The sweet highs of this pill-shaped transducer make it an ideal candidate for applications that have always challenged ribbon mics—namely acoustic guitar, percussion and modern pop vocals."

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AEA R44 Cover Shot
The AEA R44
R44 as EM August Cover Model
"Ribbon Mic Summit" in the Aug '06 issue of Electronic Musican
by Gino Robair, pgs 44-62.

"Although condenser and dynamic mirophones stil dominate most personal studios, ribbon mics are gaining in popularity. More products are now available, covering nearly every price category, so it's not suprising that engineers at every level want to take advantage of the unique recording characteristcs that ribbon mics offer. The question most freqently asked is, how do you use them? ... Ten top engineers share their favorite techniques."

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The Ribbon Preamp
The Ribbon Pre
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The Ribbon Pre
This new One-of-a-Kind preamp was designed specifically for use with ribbon mics, moving coil and tube mics and has 83db of clean gain and no dangerous phantom power. We know of no other preamp in the marketplace designed exclusively for ribbon mics. The TRP is an ultra fast, two channel, minimal-path JFET preamp designed collaboratively with Fred Forssell.This unit is designed to have one of the lowest noise floors available. Eliminating phantom power allows for advantages in minimal path circuitry and the elimination of electronics that induce noise.

Features include: No-Load mic inputs, balanced and unbalanced outputs, 300 kHz bandwidth, phase-reverse, low-cut filters, instant overload recovery, tri-color metering, a no-hum external transformer power supply, and a steel rack-shelf option.

See the technical onesheet.