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4/5/2011 AEA KU4
Apr 5, 2011
"AEA KU4 Makes International Debut on MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte"
Grammy award winning producer Gustavo Borner chose nine AEA mics for the broadcast of the historic MTV "Unplugged" featuring Los Tigres del Norte. "Pop" elements were fusion-designed with Los Tigres' traditional Norteño style, including a brass section, string quartet, percussion, and keyboards. AEA's presence was strong, featuring its KU4 unidirectional ribbon microphones on lead vocals, R92 microphones on accordion, R84's on brass and A840's on tenor sax. Gustavo is a big fan of ribbon mics, explaining that "the brass instruments were miked with AEA R84's for a beautiful and warm sound."
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11/8/2010 AEA KU4
Nov 8, 2010, PAR
"2010 PAR Excellence Award Winners: Announced at the 129th AES Convention"
Pro Audio Review presented AEA with PAR Excellence award for the unidirectional ribbon mic, the KU4. PAR announced the recipients of the 2010 PAR Excellence Award at the 129th AES Show in San Francisco.
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10/17/2008 AEA A440
Oct 17, 2008, PAR
"PAR Presents 2008 PAR Excellence Awards at AES San Francisco"
Pro Audio Review presented AEA with PAR Excellence award for the phantom powered and extremely quiet A440. PAR announced the recipients of the 2008 PAR Excellence Award at the AES Show in San Francisco.
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10/1/2008 AEA R440
October 01, 2008
"Steve Mac buys First Big Ribbon A440 in Europe from KMR"
"Rokstone is owned by producer Steve Mac who has achieved recent success with Il Divo and Leona Lewis. KMR sales manager Keith Malin said: 'Inspired by AEA's forty years of experience with ribbon mics, particularly 44s, this mic has the greatest useable dynamic range of any ribbon microphone manufactured today. The A440 is also the quietest ribbon microphone in existence.'"
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5/1/2008 AEA TRP
May 01, 2008
"2008 Grammy award winner recorded with AEA microphones and mic preamps"
"A Love Supreme" with the Turtle Island String Quartet was the 2008 Grammy award winner for Best Classical Crossover Album. AEA ribbon microphones and preamps were extensively used on this recording made at the Skywalker Scoring stage.
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3/6/2007 AEA R44
March 6, 2007
"AEA R44 CNEX Featured on Grammy-Winning Emmylou Harris Track"
Legendary producer/engineer Brian Ahern chose the classic AEA R44 CNEX as solo mic on the Grammy Winning Emmylou single,"The Connection" recently recorded as the bonus track on "The Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches & Highways" LP.
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10/31/2006 AEA TRP
Oct 31, 2006, PAR
"Pro Audio Review Selects 10th Annual PAR Excellence Award Winners at AES San Francisco"
AEA's TRP was selected by Pro Audio Review as a recipient of the 2006 PAR Excellence Award at the 2006 Fall AES Trade Show in San Francisco.
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10/6/2006 AEA TRP
Oct 06, 2006
"TELARC International Chooses AEA Mics and Micpres"
TELARC International recently recorded the Turtle Island String Quartet at Skywalker Scoring and used AEA ribbon microphones and preamps extensively.
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10/9/2005 AEA TRP
Oct 09, 2005, Mix
"AEA Dual-Mono Ribbon Mic Preamp"
AEA unveils a high-gain, dual-mono ribbon mic (no phantom) preamp for those who need their sound louder, with 84 dB of quiet gain with mic and instrument inputs.
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3/22/2003 AEA R84
Mar 22, 2003, AEA
"AEA's Sensibly Priced R84 Large Ribbon Microphone Off To A Flying Start"
Among the luminaries praising the R84 is the multi-platinum producer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli who says, "This mic sounds great! Whether it's electric or acoustic guitar, organ or piano, the more applications I use it on, the more I like it."
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10/5/2002 AEA R84
Oct 5, 2002, AEA
"AEA Fits High-End 'Large Ribbon' Sound Into New R84 Ribbon Microphone"
Representing a significant breakthrough in large ribbon microphone technology, the R84 is a versatile mic that utilizes a ribbon element 100 percent larger than other manufacturers' ribbon elements to produce exceptional headroom and an intimate performance with smooth highs and extended lows.
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2/1/2001 AEA R44
Feb 1, 2001, by Chris Stone
"AEA R44C and R44CX"
What astonishes me the most about these mics, is how germane this design is to today's modern recording context, both sonically and aesthetically. The solid, professional construction of the AEA 44-C is a testament of Audio Engineering's commitment to resurrect the polished craftsmanship of our American microphone heritage.
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1/1/2001 AEA R44
Jan 1, 2001, by Travis the V/O Guy
"AES 109 Recap"
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7/1/1999 AEA R44
July 1, 1999, AEA
"A Conversation with Mark Linett: AEA R44C "Classic" Ribbon Microphones and the Big Band Sounds of Bill Elliott and George Gee "
On a July 3 project, "Battle of the Big Bands" at the Hollywood Paladium that featured both the Bill Elliott and George Gee Swing Orchestras on a single stage. Mark used the AEA R44C on both saxophone and trombones plus an RCA 77D on trumpets for Bill Elliott's band. For George Gee's band, Mark used a Coles 4038 on sax, an AEA R44C on trombone and again, a RCA 77D on trumpets. "The recordings from the Hollywood Paladium came out great, and the AEA 44C's were a big part of the sound."
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1/1/1999 AEA R44
Jan 1, 1999, AEA
"John Kurlander Scores with R44C Long Ribbon Microphones"
Expressing satisfaction in his pair of AEA R44C microphones, John says he uses them whenever possible. "I pull them out for every job and if I can use them I do. They are my favorite ribbon mics to work with."
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