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AEA Mic Product System AEA Mic Product System
AEA currently manufactures a range of studio ribbon microphones, ribbon mic preamps, and tools to help you get your equipment held securely, right where you need it.

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Coles Ribbon Microphones Coles Ribbon Microphones
The studio 4038 and ENG 4104B 'lip-mic', designed by the BBC in the '50s, still are unequaled. AEA is Coles' full service distributor, has written the 4038 manual, and manufactures accessories. AEA's matched pair package includes our SMT stereo mount and tutorial: "Basic Stereo Microphone Perspectives."

Rosendahl Studiotechnik Rosendahl Studiotechnik
High-quality video and multitrack audio hard disk recorders, precision audio clocks with HD Trilevel and SD video sync generators, and IF time code converters aimed at the film and video post production, video assist and multimedia markets. Also, visit to learn more.

CB Electronics CB Electronics
Digital glue for film and TV post sound. Word clock, any flavor time code, Sony 9 pin, house sync and bi-phase all are used to synchronize elements. CB Electronics relates these various time bases and provides mix theater motion control; video streamer sync cues; transfer bay master control; video insertions of TC, User Bits and Feet and Frames; remote ISDN recorder control; and extended workstation machine controls. Visit to learn more.

Schoeps Condenser Microphones Schoeps Condenser Microphones
Simply the best in the world. The variety and consistency of Schoeps' capsules, solid state and tube pre-amps, accessories, and miniature microphones are unparalleled. Their designer, Joerg Wuttke, understood the importance of extended bandwidth decades ago and started designing for 40,000 Hz response, but didn't mention it unless you asked. Now that more engineers understand the need for bandwidth better, they're willing to tell you about it. Visit to learn more.

Josephson Studio Microphones Josephson Studio Microphones
See the price list to the left or call us to find out more about the Josephson line of microphones. Good small-diaphragm cardioid condensers are a joy – They have all the consistency and reliability for professional work and are equally at home in the studio as on-stage. Check out the tech notes section at for a good overview of stereo recording styles.

Latch Lake Stands Latch Lake Stands
In early 2002, Latch Lake released what is now known as the micKing 3300. The MicKing stands are among the best mic stands available under $1,000 and the Xtra Boom is one of the strongest and most versatile clamp-on booms. Attracive, compact, and loaded with options to help you position all your mics exactly where you need them. Simply world-class. Visit to learn more.

The New Stereo Soundbook, Third Edition The New Stereo Soundbook, Third Edition
It is harder to solve audio problems when you don't know the vocabulary and fundamental concepts. This excellent second edition uses F. Alton Everest's lucid sketches to illustrate all the important points. It is that rare technical book that never talks down to the reader, covers all the bases, and does not require a technical background.