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Forensic Audio & Video

  • Audio and video enhancement
  • Authentication of recorded evidence
  • Courtroom presentations and testimony
  • Binaural audio environment recreations for jury presentation
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Appraisals & Brokerage

Racks full of non-productive equipment should be sold. AEA has assisted our clients recover up to $400,000 from non-productive equipment.

  • Recording studio equipment inventories and appraisals
  • Lease end-value and equipment depreciation projections
  • Evaluations of technical condition and suitability
  • Sales strategy consultations


Used Equipment Inventory

Wes loves audio hardware and can't resist that Christmas morning feeling of getting down on the floor and figuring out how stuff works. AEA sells used equipment because Wes loves good gear and wants to make sure it finds a good home.

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Microphone Repair and Restoration

  • Send your damaged AEA Mics to us - we made them!
  • Authorized Coles Repairs
  • RCA Microphones

Charlie Gant, who manufactured both Western Electric and RCA microphones, commented "no one ever gets rich replacing ribbons." Why do we practice this arcane art? Because our mentors knew that nothing sounds as warm and rich as studio ribbon microphones in good tune. We have repaired literally thousands of ribbon mics over the years, from simple reribbon to complete cosmetic restoration. To assist us in meeting your immediate needs, please complete our Microphone Repair Order Audio Media Magazine said "It is obvious that the AEA R44C and its accessories were created by folks who truly appreciate the history and art of audio." (Read the article) Our mentors were audio giants and our work recognizes and honors their contributions while supporting yours.


Sony MXP 3000 Support and Parts

  • Sony MXP 3000 Series Consoles
  • Service
  • Upgrades
  • Modules
  • EQs
  • Preamps
  • VU meters
  • long-life lamps
  • JL Cooper MS3000 Automation: Complete level 2 SMPTE automation packages for the MXP3000.
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