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Condenser Microphones
SoundField MK-V Microphone System. Includes the microphone, processor box, special cable, shockmount, and popscreen, all in a SKB road case. This is the "full-out" SoundField system, with B-format outputs and returns, height and full rotation control, etc. $6,500.00 OBO
Sanken CU41 Dual-capsule cardioid condenser microphone. Includes shockmount. $2000.00 OBO
Shure SM89 Interference-Tube Microphone. Includes shockmount and complete "Zepplin" windshield with "fuzzy" cover. $450.00
Shure VP-88 Stereo (Mid-Side) Electret-Condenser Microphone. Includes shockmount and break-out cable. $400 OBO
Digital Microphones
Neumann Solution-D Neumann Solution-D digital microphone system includes two large-capsule, multi-pattern digital microphones, USB digital interface box, shockmounts, cables, a Lucid Technology ADA-1000 AD/DA converter, and a road case. The microphones were purchased in 2004 and have been unused since 2007; everything is in excellent condition. The most current version of the RCS software can be downloaded at no cost from the Neumann website (required to setup and operate the microphones). For a detailed discussion of this digital microphone system, visit the Neumann website: $7,500.00 OBO

Historic Microphones

For trade or sale to collectors: Schoeps early RF and FET simplex powered microphones. See our Schoeps microphone page.

Tape Machines
Alesis BRC Remote Control - Qty. 2 $50.00 each
MCI Rebuilt Reel Motor Call for price

Sony MXP 3036 Console Modules
EQ 10-Band Graphic $450.00
EQ Full 4-Band Parametric $400.00
Mic Pre with Jensen Transformer $250.00
Dual Mic Pre with Jensen Transformer $300.00
Sony MXP 3036 Console Parts
Leg set, Belly pans and back panels Make Offer

Studio Gear
Roland Dep-5 Digital Effects Processor $100.00
DigiDesign 888-24 I/O $200.00
Symetrix 425 Dual Compressor Expander Limiter $95.00

Call Steve Trunnell for details at 626-798-9128 or send an email for details.