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Live From The Shipping Room | Gabriel Johnson

Wed 1 Feb 2017

“Live From The Shipping Room”, the latest collaborative effort of director Alex Chaloff and AEA melds music and art into a monochrome tapestry, articulated by AEA mics and preamps. This new series weaves live performances of AEA’s favorite artists with interviews about their distinct style and sound and their quest to capture that sound. All the episodes are shot in AEA’s shipping room, which doubles as a finely tuned studio, designed by Ken Fause.

The first installment of Live From The Shipping Room features trumpet player, Gabriel Johnson, double bassist, Lyman Medeiros, and pianist Jeff Babko, playing Gabriel Johnson’s original compositions entitled ‘Sketches.'

Johnson aims to convey three central themes in his music: simplicity, effectiveness, and impact. “If you can feel what we’re playing then we’re successful.”

“After all the work we do as musicians,” Johnson relates, “to get the sound we can – the best statement – there’s not really any reason for us to record. But when you get on the right microphone and if it’s telling you the actual sound you’ve been working for, then you are really lucky.”

This session features an A440 on trumpet, KU4 on double bass, three N22s on upright piano, while an R88 captures the room all running through AEA’s RPQ2 preamps.

Watch the full performances:

Purchase Gabriel Johnson's latest release‘Sketches Vol. 4’
Directed, Mixed, & Engineered by Alex Chaloff of Buckets Moving Company